WaveGuard WG-NPRM

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List: $140.00

Product Description

Adjustable Non-Penetrating roof mount

The NPRM is an Adjustable Non-Penetrating roof mount, mast is 2″ in Diameter and 60″ tall. The Non-Penetrating roof mount is galvanized for corrosion protection and goes together quickly.

The Mount and all Accessories are easily shipped via UPS for fast and inexpensive delivery.

WaveGuard’s PTRAY provides use of mounting the NPRM on peak rooftops. The PTRAY is not included with the Non-Penetrating Roof Mount.

  • Non penetration on roof surface, Galvanized for corrosion protection
  • Designed for concrete blocks, Goes together quickly
  • Minimum of bolted connections
  • Adjustable center mast so that mast is always level
  • Optional peak tray available for use on roof peaks


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